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Webseite E-Mail is a reference for teaching the matters related to computer, IT, and gaming world.

In the site of Gamingha, our group attempts to publish educational materials on Gaming Computer, Gaming Console, Gaming Mobile, hardware, software, Internet, and technology in a simple and applicable way. It is attempted to post the materials regularly and daily on the site.
Gamingha site operates in several sections for now, enhancing qualitatively and quantitatively the sections gradually. The following sections are discussed among the others.

Gaming: In this section, we are trying to describe all of the matters required for a professional gamer. The section is divided into several categories such as Gaming Computer, Gaming Console, and Gaming Mobile to cover all of the fans of each gaming area.

Hardware: In this section, our group aim to explain the usage of hardware components of the computer and electronics world in a simple way. In some matters, the differences of the com... (Text wurde gekürzt!)
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