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Michale aus Marbach
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Wollte Dir einfach mal in diesem Gaestebuch einen Gruss hinterlassen. Smile
Catherine aus Stord
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V_ trí d_ án Sentosa Villa Phan Thi_t có th_c s_ t_t ? T__ng t_, m_t s_ d_ án B_SND s_ h_u v_nh vi_n _ các t_nh phát tri_n m_nh v_ du l_ch nh_: Nha Trang, _à N_ng, Phú Qu_c_ c_ng luôn r_i vào c_nh "cháy" hàng.
Vi_c s_ h_u m_t Villa ngh_ d__ng _ Phan Thi_t là m_c tiêu c_a nh_ng __i gia, doanh nhân n_i ti_ng c_ trong và ngoài n__c. _i_m n_i tr_i v_ ki_n trúc c_a d_ án Sentosa Villa là thi_t k_ c_u dây v_ng __u tiên và duy nh_t t_i Phan Thi_t n_i tr_c ti_p t_ khách s_n CondoTel ra __n băi t_m riêng.
Hi_n nay, giá __t _ă gi_m nh_, h_u h_t các sàn giao d_ch B_S __u gi_m l__ng giao d_ch t_ 30 - 50%. T_i TP. Qu_ __t _ _ây ___c r_t nhi_u nhà _âu t_ n_i ti_ng trong và ngoài n__c s_ h_u , _ă và _ang phát tri_n nh_ng d_ án Resort quy mô l_n v_i giá tr_ x_ng t_m.

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Emely aus Nijeveen
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GTA: San Andreas is the best of these Grand Theft Auto games and one of the best games released as part of their calendar year 2004.

GTA: San Andreas is started in 1992 in addition to their takes place on the island of San Andreas that contains a full of three major cities. The first city that your character Carl Johnson, aka. C.J., will see is his home city Los Santos. C.J. will come home after hearing of his mother's death to locate that his group is in shambles.
He may be away from his home for their nearly five years and in that time lots has got changed for the Grove Street Families. C.J.'s sibling Sweet will not be too happy with him for their ditching his group for all almost all these years in addition to their tricking him to helping take the neighborhood from their rival gang, the Ballas.
This is the reason C.J. left in the first place, to get away of all so this trouble.Unfortunately C.J. has got well over simply gang the problems to handle, he has got legal problems to... (Text wurde gekürzt!)
Marshall aus La Possession
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Interessante Page. Das Design und die nuetzlichen Infos gefallen mir besonders.

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Jennie aus Sudbury
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Gute Page. Danke.
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